Welcome to the AFMG Foundation gGmbH

Founders of the Company

Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Feistel
Lead programmer for EASE Windows versions, managing director of AFMG
and SDA.

Dr. Rainer Feistel
Theoretical physicist and developer of EASE DOS versions.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert 
Designer of EASE, experienced acoustic consultant and the owner of ADA.

The AFMG Foundation gGmbH has been officially founded on the 7th March 2003. The EASE Developers, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ahnert, Dr. Rainer Feistel and Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Feistel, being its initiators, allows the non-profit organization to offer EASE software licenses at nominal prices for universities and colleges. The funds received will be dedicated to educational and research topics in electro-acoustics and room-acoustics, for instance the support of internships and PhD work.

The new educational program was announced at the USITT in Minneapolis, March 2003. In summer 2005 EASERA, the measurement and analysis software by SDA, has become part of our educational program. Since January 2008 EASERA SysTune, the new real-time analysis and live sound measurement software from SDA, is also available under the AFMGFoundation license.

Please see the price lists for prices and ordering conditions with respect to EASE, EASERA and EASERA SysTune. If you are a verified instructor at a university we can provide you with the software after you have filled out the order form below. You will then receive an invoice from us. After we have received your payment, you will be provided with the software.

Ordering a Software Package

To take advantage of the educational discount please provide us with information to verify your teaching status by filling out this order form: